Locksmith Brooklyn commercial service department has the knowledge that the primary concern of each commercial real estate business is the protection and security of their property, tenants, the protection of their potential clients and workers as well. Achieving this goal depends on the extent of safety measures taken while designing and developing the commercial building. Consulting us at the initial stage will be a great benefit to you.
Even as a tenant in a commercial building, you should take the security of life and property of your family and neighbors very seriously. That was why we introduced Locksmith Brooklyn Commercial service department as a separate entity.
The company is devoted to maintenance, replacement, and installing of locks in any commercial building. All you’ve got to do is give us a direct phone call. You have the opportunity to choose the best locksmith services that will cater for all of your needs and without any hassle or fuss.

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Locksmith Brooklyn commercial service has been in the business of creating security and safety plan for investors and owners of commercial buildings. Because we understand the numerous emergency situations experienced by residents of commercial buildings, we made our services accessible. Locksmith Brooklyn Around-the-Clock Emergency department is highly fortified for any locksmith challenge or difficulty experienced by residents of commercial buildings. Are you residing or doing business in the following type of buildings?

  • Hotel
  • Housing Estate
  • Motels
  • Military Camps
  • Commercial Shops
  • Shopping Malls

Locksmith Brooklyn is the best service provider when it comes to fixing all locksmiths deficiencies and meeting client’s locksmith requirements and deadlines.


Locksmith Brooklyn Commercial Services

We are versatile when it comes to service delivery in the residential locksmiths sub-sector. We can offer the following:

  • Decoding And Unlocking Lock Mechanisms
  • Provision of Extra Locking Points
  • Renovation of Old Locks
  • Replacement of Locks In Case Of Burglary

We can also fix some minor problems in your commercial building like

  • Fitting Doorway Bolts
  • Fixing Hinge Bolts
  • And Fixing Window Bolts

You can access all the services offered by Locksmith Brooklyn by just placing a call any day and anytime. One of the factors that set us apart from our competitors is that we offer weekend services without extra charge.


Commercial Locksmith Management System

We are the only company in the entire Brooklyn and New York that has a commercial locksmith management system in place for caretakers and landlords of commercial buildings. This system is designed to solve the problems of commercial estate owners. Commercial house/estate owners have a similar problem of managing the activities of new and old tenants within a given season. Our management system reduces burglary and in-lock problems being experienced by students and other people who may stay in the hostel. Our management system helps to rekey any lock in a room or apartment whose previous occupant has packed out. Auto rekeying is paramount because the keys may have been given out by the former tenant to friends and family without the knowledge of the caretaker or landlord of the building.
We have so many packages and designs that are numerous to mention. You will do yourself a favor by contacting us now through the phone or email.We have dedicated staff that is awaiting your call!!
You don’t need to come over for a discussion, just pick your cell phone and dial this number (347) 687-4089.You can easily add us on Skype for a live discussion.

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